"I love your classes Ginny, I couldn't do without them"

Instagram livestreaming schedule:

  • All morning sessions start at 09:30

  • All evening sessions start at 18:00

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings: 

  • 50 min session: Upper body exercises with weights(not essential); Pilates-based strength, conditioning & stretch

Tuesday and Thursday mornings: 

  • 50 min session: Cardio, Pilates-based strength & conditioning, balance

Saturday morning:

  • 60 min session - Cardio, Pilates-based strength & conditioning, stretch & balance. 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings:

  • 30 min stretch & flow

No previous experience necessary just bring water and wear comfy clothes.  If you have a mat that's great.  Any small equipment you have such as a resistance band, block, small ball, weights, bring these too or improvise with tights, pillow, books etc. The more inventive the better!  Sessions are £2.50 per day with a maximum cost of £15 per week if you take part every day. Please send a message here so that we can add you to the register and forward our bank details. Thanks very much and hope to see you on Instagram @exercisewithginny soon.


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