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Right now, physical and mental wellbeing are hot topics. We know that the two are inextricably linked. That is, if we feel well physically, we generally feel well mentally.  So, all that’s required is regular exercise, a nutritious, balanced diet and plenty of rest to recharge mind and body.   Right?  If only it were that simple…….


In the workplace many people have a sedentary job which over time can cause pain and discomfort. Add to this the rushed lunch and a stressful commute, and before you know it your whole quality of life, including your mental health is affected. How about going for a walk or a jog at lunchtime, joining a quick class, making your own yummy lunch and reading a book. All doable components to re-balancing your life.


Older people often lead sedentary, isolated lives which has a negative impact on physical and mental well-being. They may have no family living close by but don’t know how to go about making friends; they may not know how to cook a healthy meal or how to get active. Joining one of our Pilates or Exercise to Music classes will very quickly improve your cardiovascular and muscular fitness in a welcoming environment where friendships are made and recipes shared!  


Women going through the menopause can despair as their energy levels decrease in direct proportion to their waistline increasing. Then there are inexplicable mood swings and night sweats which prevent a decent sleep and the constant worry about the pelvic floor! Exercise is the key. Pilates, aerobic exercise and a balanced diet will keep your body strong, your mind active and your weight under control……oh, and our group classes specifically designed for older women are great fun.  


Other groups.  There are many situations where exercise, diet and relaxation are vitally important. Post-op recovery, depression, addiction, obesity are just a few examples.

At Exercise with Me I want you to be fit and healthy in mind and body because I care about the ‘whole you’.   If anything you've read strikes a chord and you think I can help, please get in touch.

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