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I love your classes Ginny. They are about the only good thing to have come out of the pandemic and I simply couldn't do without them. Bobby

     Since I started Pilates with Ginny my life has been transformed.  I rarely suffer                           from back pain, I'm much more flexible and I generally feel stronger,                                  all of which makes me very happy!  Sam



Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9-10 am - Intermediate to Advanced

You will need a Pilates/Yoga mat and the following equipment: hand weights, loop band, long band, 23cm Pilates ball and a Pilates Circle (all of which I can advise you on) . We use at least one piece of equipment every session.


Each class costs £7 or £25 for 4 weeks (paid in advance)If you do 2 sessions pw the cost is £12; 3 sessions £16 Fees are payable weekly or monthly in advance, via bank transfer. 


Please message me here so that I can send you full Zoom login details. Thanks very much and hope to see you on the mat soon.

  "Many thanks for your amazing class which I have attended since March 2020. They have really made me 'apasionnda'  for Pilates and you have inspired me." Sarah 

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